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NOTE: The Wittman Trophy is now on display in the racing section of the EAA Museum in Oshkosh _________________________________________________________________________________________

Formula V Air Racing is a competitive motorsport where race pilots flying custom-built airplanes race one another around an aerial oval race course marked out with pylons. Formula V air races are held as a feature attraction at major airshows around the USA. The raceplanes can reach lap speeds of over 170 Mph.
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Latest News
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Formula V mourns loss Formula Vee is sad to report that Air racing competitor Charlie Terry of Long Island New York has passed away. . He competed in International Formula One Air Racing and Formula Vee Air Racing over several decades. He won the F/V National Championship in 1985 and came close several other times. He competed in the first F/V race and the last F/V race and competed in almost all the rest thru the decades. He was F/V president for several years and certainly was an asset to air racing and kept F/V going thru some very trying times.  [More]

                                                           Special Announcement from Formula V President
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I would like to officially announce the posthumous awarding of the Formula Vee National Championship Race at Seymour, Indiana to John Inman of Conroe, Texas. After reviewing the records, John deserves credit where it's due. He won the Championship race that year in Sonerai #88 which was conducted with an FAA waiver, race officials, FAA officials, pylon judges, timers and ballast for John. The Championship was awarded 2 other years using the same criteria.     David Patterson...Formula V  president


Upcoming Races
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    There are no Formulav Air Races being planned at this time
    However modified Speed Dash and "Sun and Fun 100 " Type events are being discussed and may be the way the club goes in the future.
Upcoming Television
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                   No current TV coverage but check out this neat video

  • Recent Race Results
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            Race results for the some past Formula V air races
             [More Race Results]
    Presenting a Race
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            If you are an airshow promotor or sponsor, here's how to
            host a  Formula V air race for an airshow.
            [More Information]
    Meet the Race Teams
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           Photos of past and present Formula V race teams, pilots and airplanes.
            [Team Photos and Information] 
          NEW   ROSTER Partcipants, Past and Present
    Meet the Sponsors
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            Introducing the principal Sponsors of Formula V air race events
            and individual teams.
             More Sponsor Information]
    Racing Rules
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             Interested in competing in a Formula V air race? Then you should                    check  out the rules for...
    National Champions
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         Formula V Speed Records, National Championship results
         and a description of the Wittman Trophy and past National Champions.
         [More Records and National Champions Info]
    Good Stuff to Buy
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    There are no items for sale at this time. We want your photo's of race planes, pilots, including Formula V documents, newsletters, or any related materials. Please send to this link: Dave Patterson,

    Download raceplane 3-view
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         We have provided a 3-view drawing of a Sonerai-1 Formula V raceplane
          for  model builders. You can download it in three different file formats:
    TIFF format, 150 dpi (950Kbytes)
    Microsoft Word 97 format (165Kbytes)
    GIF format, 72 dpi (65Kbytes)
         If you build a model of a Formula V raceplane,
          please send us a photo! We would like to add it to our website.
    Other Interesting Links
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           Check out these interesting and recommended air racing
           and aviation links: 
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    For further information, please contact:    DP. ........(Webmaster)      
    Dave Patterson,   President

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