This is a brief summary of the Formula V Technical Rules Specification available from the Formula V Air Racing Association

Summary of the Formula V airframe rules:

Formula V airplanes are homebuilt and FAA licensed in the Experimental category.
  • minimum 450 lb. empty weight
  • minimum 75 sq. ft. wing area
  • maximum 22 ft. wingspan
  • minimum cockpit size 20 in. wide by 36 in. high
  • non-retractable landing gear with two standard 5.00 x 5 wheels & aircraft tires
  • fixed pitch, two blade, non-metallic propeller
  • high structural strength + - 6 G's min. working load
  • good all-around visibility
  • many built-in safety features
  • must use standard engine as described below
It costs about $8,000 to $20,000 to build a Formula V raceplane.

There are several existing designs, or (if you're capable) you can design your own. The current raceplanes designs in use are:

Monnett Sonerai-1
Sonerai-1 raceplaneRace #14 Sonerai-1 "Beetlebomb" was built by Charlie Terry of Kings Park, NY and won the 1985 National Championship.

Blueprints & some prefabricated components are available from Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. Box 545, Boys Town, NE 68010 (402) 493-6507. Ask for Steve Bennett, or email to Steve Bennett at

Wittman V-Witt
Wittman V-Witt raceplane This Wittman V-Witt was built by Jim Vliet of Red Bank, NJ
Blueprints are available from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

Cassutt III-M with Formula V engine

[photo not available]

The Cassutt racer, a popular design used in Formula One air racing, can be used in Formula V air racing when fitted with the sport 75 sq. ft. wing and a Formula V engine. Blueprints and some prefabricated components available from National Aeronautics Company, 5611 Kendall Court, Unit #4, Arvada CO 80002 (303) 940-8442. Ask for Ib Hansen.

Summary of the Formula V engine rules:

engine in Formula V raceplane shown: engine installation of #77 "Blueberry"
  • 96 cubic inch aircooled 4 cylinder [produces about 65 horsepower at 4,000 RPM]
  • direct drive to propeller; gear reduction not permitted
  • multi-point fuel injection, superchargers, or turbochargers are not permitted
  • use only standard 100LL aviation gasoline and commercially-available oil, additives not permitted
  • additional engine limitation details are described in the Technical Rules Specification

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