Formula V National Speed Records

  The National Aeronautic Association recognizes Formula V air race speed records in the following categories: All-Time Fastest Qualifying Speed, All-Time Fastest Race Average Speed, 1996 Fastest Qualifying Speed and 1996 Fastest Race Average Speed. These Formula V speed records are listed in the 1997 edition of the NAA US and International Aviation Records Book, available from NAA.

  1996 Fastest Qualifying Speed:
Dave Patterson
161.544 Mph.
#88 "Zoomy" Sonerai-1 N88FV
2.0 mile course
Myrtle Beach, SC
  1996 Fastest Race Average Speed:
Dave Patterson
158.243 Mph.
#88 "Zoomy" Sonerai-1 N88FV
2.0 mile course, 8 laps
Louisville, KY

Formula V National Championship

  Points towards the National Championship pilot are awarded at each event based on qualifying and Championship race positions. The pilot having the highest points total at the end of the season becomes the Formula V National Champion!

The Wittman Trophy
 The Wittman Trophy  
The Wittman Trophy is named in honor of the late Steve Wittman, pioneer air race pilot and originator of the Formula V air racing class. Steve was the first Formula V National Champion. The Formula V National Champion is entitled to hold the Wittman Trophy for one year.

The list of Formula V National Champions are:
Steve Wittman 1977-81
Charles Terry 1985
Rick Leonard 1987-88
Brian Dempsey 1989-95
Dave Patterson 1996-97

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