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A heat race system is used with up to six airplanes per race heat. Each heat consists of a drag race standing start takeoff from the runway and eight laps of the 2-mile race course. The raceplanes fly at an altitude of 50 to 100 feet above the ground, passing and repassing each other. The first airplane to cross the finish line after completing eight laps is the winner! Any plane cutting inside a race pylon receives a time penalty which will move that aircraft back in the finishing order.

Qualifying time trials determine pairings and grid positions for each heat race. Usually two heat races are held each day of the airshow. The last race of the day is the Daily Feature Race for the fastest six airplanes. The final day's heat race pairings and grid positions are determined from the results of the previous day's race heats. The Championship Race is the final heat of the final day of the airshow. The winner of the Championship Race becomes the overall winner of the event.

Prize money is awarded to all participating raceplanes.

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