To set up a Formula V Air Race at your next airshow - Here's what you need to do...
Formula V Air Racing requires a signed contract no later than 90 days prior to the event date. Contact the Formula V Air Racing Association no later than four months prior to your show date. We will need a map or aerial photograph of your airport site - we will produce a clear overlay of the race course to make sure it fits and all FAA-required safety zones are complied with.

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Formula V Air Racing provides a turnkey package which includes all the raceplanes, qualified pilots, pylons and other equipment necessary to conduct the race. Formula V Air Racing also assists you in submitting the FAA waiver application, and provides nationwide advance publicity for your air race and its sponsors. Formula V Air Racing also provides post-event distribution of results to nationwide news and aviation media. All airplanes carry $1 million third-party liability insurance coverage.

Normally, two 20-minute air race heats are conducted each show day. We advise you to put together an entire airshow afternoon, rather than attempt just an air race only without other airshow acts.

You can fund the air race event via spectator ticket sales and/or local sponsors. In the past, Formula V Air Racing has worked with major event sponsors such as Coca-Cola, HQ Stores, Florida Lottery, Pepsi, and many others. You may wish to have one weekend sponsor, or two daily sponsors, or one local business sponsor per airplane. Formula V Air Racing can provide additional support for your race sponsors with pre-event display at a local shopping mall, store, etc.

For the 2005 season, Formula V Air Racing will be available east of the Rockies only. In future years we expect to expand to west coast events.
For further information, please email Formula V President Dave Patterson you can request the Formula V Promotional Kit and Formula V Promotional Video. For your Air Boss and/or site manager, request the Formula V Operations Guide.

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